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Icon Global Group is a full service media agency serving the needs of creatives, entrepreneurs & small businesses nationwide. We specialize in coordinating seamless photoshoots & productions while managing large and small scale projects. Our team takes an all-encompassing approach to helping you develop your brand, capitalize on your niche and STAND OUT within your respective industry.

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What We Do
Creative Development

Our creative services team design and produce collateral that clearly defines and distinguishes your brand characteristics, positioning and messaging. We create winning content so that your brand story is a story well told.

Photoshoot Production

Our photography productions go off without a hitch. We do the heavy lifting so that clients can focus on their deliverables, glam squads can focus on their craft and photographers simply show up and shoot.

Consulting Support

We strive to help our clients authentically connect their brand or business with an audience that fully understands & supports their efforts. We'll help you build an organic following for your brand, product or service.

In business as in life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate - Chester L. Karass

Most Popular Services

"Whatever You Need, Consider It Handled"
  • Photoshoots

    Location Scouting, Glam Procurement, Budgets, Scheduling, Logistics

  • Writing Projects

    BIO's, Letters, Business Plans, Treatments, Editorial

  • Creative Services

    Graphic Design, Flyers, Logos, EPK's, Videos, Social Media Content

  • Project Management

    Strategic Planning, Development, Timelines, Deliverables, Tracking

  • Consultations

    Phone & Office Consultations Available Via Shop Page

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