Dreams Defined - A Labor of Love
Dreams Defined in the classroom is a series of  multi-platform programs & a curriculum that examines the art of “dreaming” BIG. The curriculum encourages students of all ages to explore various careers or entrepreneurial pursuits while examining their own dreams and career goals. It is designed to cultivate thought provoking conversation to create a confident culture & creative environment within schools & communities built on the premise that any dream is possible.

Each program is an engaging, hands on experience where students will learn how to set deliberate goals, develop optimistic outlooks on life and devise a plan of action to wholeheartedly live their dreams. Ultimately, our programs help students define a roadmap to pursue careers in their adult life that they are passionate about.

The breadth and depth of the Dreams Defined program offers a radical all encompassing approach and perspective on education. A perspective that urges participants to explore definition, purpose, perspective and action on a deeper level. It is unmatched by any other educational tools on the market and specifically designed to empower urban economically disadvantaged communities.